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We are three sisters, raised by southern parents that were strict did not make a lot of money.  It is believed in retrospect this is one of the things fueled our creativity.  Our Grandma gets all the credit when it comes to providing us with our little hearts desire for materials, inspiration and encouragement.   Several times a year she would send us packages of paint, canvas, crayons, scissors, markers, paper, wood, beads, wire, fabric and anything else she could get her hands on.  The packages would be treated as gold to us, but not our parents, whom flinched everytime they saw a drop of paint or one of us "running with scissors". 

All three of us work "real" jobs without the passion that you should have in life.  The only passion is "our" work, thus the creation of this site.  We want to be able to someday make our Grandma proud.  So the pursuit began, because we needed to pay some bills with this stuff.  Each of us have a room dedicated to stuff we have made.  It is our hope that after browsing our collection on http://www.3StarvingArtists.etsy.com you
 will be empowered to click on that purchase button and give the item a loving home!! 

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You may contact us with requests at:

3 Starving Artists
P.O. Box 741433
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