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The First Starving Artist - (The one holding the sewing needle) is starving for more and more creations to satisfy her lust for style (and financial freedom).  Looking through magazines she finds things that she really desires yet her pockets are not liars; perfectly lined, with nothing more than a few dimes, but enough with a coupon to get the fabric she needs to fulfill her fashionista needs. Clothing, Accessories and Lingerie are her passion and she dabbles in gift baskets. She does'nt attend a lot of Festivals, but you can find her selling things out of her car!  Most of her items on the site consist of purses, scarves, clothes and designer-like rings.  Her lines are www.kkbaskets.com, Kreativ Koncepts, Lavender Boudoir, KK Designs & K's Originals.
The Second Starving Artist - (The one in the middle!!) is really starving because she has a peculiar palate, a love of organic stuff and the foods she likes are out of her price range. Trying to create can be difficult if you can't hear yourself over your rumbling stomach. That incessant rumbling is her body telling her she's not working hard enough on her latest painting. She might pass out, but she'll make sure she finishes your product first!  Find this artist's work under " V of Atlanta" & SavannahKhet Arts.  She does a lot of Earth-y Festivals and it is often reflected in her work.  Mostly Copper, Stones, Crystals, Drums, to name a few.  For UPCOMING EVENTS please click here.  For photos of past events or items that we've all made in the past click on GALLERY.

The Third Starving Artist (the one holding both a note and pencil) is a costume diva extraordinaire. Inspired by the vibrant, music driven, cut 'n reconstruct culture of the 80's, she creates fun, fashionable clothing with matching accessories, perfect for street wear or for your average everyday show-stopping event. She may be inspired by retro fashions, but she creates unique modern apparel with a dash of magic all her own.


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